Call for Papers

9th International Conference on PLS and Related Methods (PLS'17) 17-19 June 2017 - Macau, China

 People who are interested in PLS 2017 are invited to join the official Google group by sending an email to or clicking the following link in any browser:

Submission of Abstracts for Papers and Posters will be open before the end of October 2015.

Papers: 2 page abstract due February 17, 2017

Posters: 2 page abstract due March 31st, 2017


PLS°Ø17 will be preceded by a 2-day Workshop on PLS Path Modeling via XLSTAT software (June 15th-16th, 2017) at the Grand Resort Deck Galaxy Macau.

This Workshop is well suited both for individuals new to Partial Least Squares Path Modeling as well as those wishing for more in-depth training to expand their current knowledge. Case examples are interwoven with the methodological presentations.

This is the only Workshop that provides training on the most comprehensive PLS software package - XLSTAT-PLSPM ( The detailed agenda and registration procedure are available at:

We can propose 10 scholarships only for PhD students with high potential in the PLS field. The scholarship could be:

- Fee

- Hotel

- Special discount for flight (reimbursing after conference) for 300 USD


XLSTAT Best Paper Award

In its constant effort to promote PLS methods in 2009, 2011 and 2014, Addinsoft-XLSTAT will offer the famous PLS award during the PLS'17 conference. Previously attributed to Michel Tenenhaus, Nicole Krämer and Kwanghee Jung, the next prize will be awarded in 2017 by the scientific committee of the PLS'17 symposium to reward the best presentation of the conference.

 A 6 page paper (in addition to the 2 page abstract) is required to be eligible for the PLS award. The paper must be sent in PDF format to the address by April 10th, 2017. It must fit the same template as the two-page abstract.

 Young statisticians are warmly encouraged to contribute.